• Peaceful Cruise down Banff Ave - Staring at Cascade Mountain

Premium Hardwood. Premium Ride.

Paying homage to 60’s style skate/surf scene: The classic Would Boards design harnesses the effortlessly smooth ride of a longboard, multiplies it with the quick-reflex control of a freestyle deck, plus the whole setup spins on a set of top-of-the-line seven-ball ceramic bearings. Would Boards are perfectly tailored to any rider who wants to get out and surf the streets.

Would Boards are beautiful 28.5" hand-shaped premium hardwood cruiser skateboards designed to enhance your riding experience. The hearty combination of black walnut, red oak, and Canadian maple ensures that every board delivers a superior quality ride. Each board offers a completely unique grain combination so no two boards are alike.

“Would Boards are solid and functional pieces of art. Ideal for people of all skill levels.”

The Morning Ride

Eden Reforestation


The 100 Series

Plant dem trees

Trust the Process.

The incredibly cruisey Would Boards design was meticulously developed in a quiet wood working studio in East Vancouver over the span of six years. Every nuance has been thought-out, shaped, tested and re-shaped all because every rider deserves to enjoy the ride.