• Peaceful Cruise down Banff Ave - Staring at Cascade Mountain

“Would Boards are solid and functional pieces of art. Ideal for people of all skill levels.”

Premium Hardwood. Premium Ride.

Paying homage to 60’s style skate/surf scene: The classic Would Boards design harnesses the effortlessly smooth ride of a longboard, multiplies it with the quick-reflex control of a freestyle deck, plus the whole setup spins on a set of top-of-the-line seven-ball ceramic bearings. Would Boards are perfectly tailored to any rider who wants to get out and surf the streets.

Would Boards are beautiful 28.5" hand-shaped premium hardwood cruiser skateboards designed to enhance your riding experience. The hearty combination of black walnut, red oak, and Canadian maple ensures that every board delivers a superior quality ride. Each board offers a completely unique grain combination so no two boards are alike.

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